Israel’s hate extends to Africans too

The Israel-Palestinian conflict is often a topic of “debate”, and  by that I mean anyone who holds any ethics at all, supports the Palestinian struggle from Israel’s ironic Nazi form of oppression through that rotten ideology ‘Zionism’,  founded by the pompous pundit Theodor Herzl in the 20th century. The most obvious similarity between the two  being Israel having separate walk ways for Palestinians in Hebron not too dissimilar to those made for the Jews in Germany under the fascist regime of the Nationalist Socialists Party.

However Israel;s hate also branches out into more classic routes of racism within the black populace of Sudanese and Ethiopian Jews within Israel and its self-proclaimed borders. In March 2012, Miri Regev, a member of the Israeli Knesset (parliament) called for the expulsion of all Sudanese refugees – as they has achieved independence in South Sudan. He called them a “cancer” within Israeli society.  Subsequently,  on April 15, 2012, speaking at the Ramle conference, Zionist interior minister Eli Yishai, called for the expulsion of all Africans – claiming they’re “a criminal element in Israeli society “. On April 27th 2015, a video was released showing Israeli police attack a member of their own military due to the colour of his skin. This has led to violent clashes with the police and dozens have been injured during an anti-racism rally in Tel Aviv. 1000’s of protesters attended and were met with extreme prejudice by the Israeli police force who used stun grenades  & water cannons on the crowd. Israel’s Channel 2 television channel also claimed the use of tear gas, but suspiciously  the Israeli police have declined to confirm that statement. Al Jazeera’s reporter Mike Hanna who attended the protest, said the Israeli Red Cross earlier that evening claimed at least 40 people, including 23 police officers, were injured in the clash. There have been  many defectors from the IDF such as Moriel is a 23-year-old American-Israel who spent time in prison for refusing to join ranks. However, the recent attack further exposes the ugly reality of Israeli society and policy that it tries so hard to hide, which is thateven if you are Jewish and serving the state, you still may suffer violence due to Israel’s inherit racism.

The Zionist mentality is vicous and violent, and often I am confronted by such ugly personalities in my online activities from  mainly Ashkenazi Jews (but not always). Most delusional with “their right” to the land of Israel. I personally openly reject this idea of claim, as it is not men  who carve land, it is the oceans and the climate, & if belief systems grant us sovereignty over land, then every child who believes in Santa owns the North Pole. The Israeli government has broad anti-discrimination polices in place yet this seems to be culturally ignored. Israel’s racism is institutionalized through its education, media and its religious dispute over territory. Even at a young age Arab and Black children are discriminated against. According to a 2001 report by Human Rights Watch, Israel’s school system for Arab and Jewish children is separate and have unequal conditions which disadvantage the Arab children who make up one quarter of all students. Israel’s facade of civility is nothing but a hoax. In reality, the state has created a hostile xenophobic culture that, in 2006, led to a stabbing spree where Russian Jewish migrants within the country attacked Arabs with blades, while The Mossawa Advocacy Centre for Arab Citizens in Israel reported a tenfold increase in racist incidents against Arabs in 2008.

It is evident that Israel’s hostility does not just extend to the Arab population but to all colours, races & creeds who do not fit the correct faith requirements to walk their own streets safely


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