Small Towns.

Small towns are bubbles. While some may see scenic beauty, in which there is plenty and a place of community, I have always found this one to be an island, the cul-de-sac I live in a place of solitude. I assume a reflection of my introvert personality. I have lived on this island a majority of my life, there were few I connected with. I’ve seen the metropolis and sheltered there for a good 3 years, but to tell you the truth I hate the city, I need the fresh sea air and the trees that made me. I often look at this place and ponder whether I have exiled myself here, to atone for some unknown sin or maybe all of them. But the truth is more likely that I lack the motivation and means to stride any further. The sea is vast and my island is the only land for miles and I’m not quite sure l’m wiling to put the effort and swim. Instead I linger waiting, watching, growing, learning and hoping I can make a difference. This is my Island, I should start here.

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