A left wing start pack:

The following will be links to external sources about Left wing politics. It will consist of socialist, anarchist and anti-Fascist  theory and dialogue. The aim of this is to be a quick link to share and form as a nexus to distribute articles, opinion pieces and academia to  to newcomers, who share an interest in leftist philosophy & politics:

Introduction to anti-capitalism and anti-Fascism in the western world:

 Intro to leftist philosophy:





Anti state:


Intro to Marxism:




Today’s issues:


In no way  is this unlocking secrets to some Utopian blue print to a perfect society however, the above should be a launch pad into leftist thought & help anyone who is considering the journey through the rabbit hole. Best of luck comrades!

[Make sure to support the Youtube channels and writers who put in hard labour to produce this content]

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