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Posers, Parasites & Political predators

I have become completely desensitised to these atrocities; not because they happen so often, but because the response is so staged and formulated. Apathetic morons flood to social media and pretend to give a shit for a couple of days and then there will be utter silence until the next horror that man can inflict on her/himself happens. The press get a field day, politicians will use these attacks to promote an agenda, while the under educated get to blame the nearest brown person. All parties involved ignore the reasons why, and nobody acknowledges that shit like this happens daily in countries where we regard the inhabitants as savages. The link between Islamic terrorism and bad foreign policy is backed by hard evidence. Until both the public and government accept this we shall continue spiralling into more violence. Disasters like this have been broken down to ‘trends’ and ‘clicks’ and all of it is so reactionary. It is all so under thought that it has just become a spectacle for pundits to feel that they are relevant. The opinions formed are wrapped around an agenda of ‘the other’ and all it does is exacerbate already existing problems. Those in the spotlight of fame will use the tragedy of Brussels to stay current while families of the victims will go unnamed and their opinions will be unheard. Outside of the obvious, the tragedy here is peoples’ response. I look to social media and see the Belgian flag being shared by the ignorant and my eyes roll to the back of my head, not because I do not feel for Brussels and the horrors they have just been through, but because how plastic peoples’ response has become to these attacks.

The poser quickly rushes to his or her Facebook account, changes their profile picture to the Belgian flag, talks about the tragedy on a purely emotive level whilst ignoring the political spectrum surrounding the topic and just simply condemns the attacks without wishing to dig deeper. Depending on where the individual stands they either sympathise or retaliate. The sympathiser appeals to their own humanity in a way to comfort their own ego. They rationalise the scenario by expressing their disgust at the actions. While the ‘retaliator’ expresses his hate for the perpetrator and instead of playing on his/her ego plays on his/her fears.


The Parasite uses the tragedy to fit their own agenda and promote themselves. We live in an era of click bait articles and a desperation for stardom and recognition. British pundits like Katie Hopkins have made a living of this sociopathic tendency to cling to fame. Therefore, attacks like the ones that have just shook Brussels are the perfect opportunity for controversial attention seekers to say something edgy to grab the public’s attention and steal the lime light from the victims. It is not just vile Sun columnists either that do this but the majority of the media play this succubus role and should not be exempt from our wrath. Within hours of the event publications like Huffingtonpost had pages of opinion pieces on the attack, each one profiting from those expensive clicks the public hand over. Never mind the moral intention, forums like this still happily profit from the misery of these events, and that, my friends should be unforgivable.



The political predator is someone who is tied to the political establishment and who hijacks the event to promote their own political agenda. American Republican front runner Donald Trump regurgitated his hate to Fox news immediately after the disaster stating: “I would close up our borders”, “We are taking in people without real documentation. We don’t know where they’re from or who they are.” Most would allow events to unfold, but to score cheap points with his xenophobic far right demographic Trump was eager to place blame on the ‘other’. The problem with this is that a majority of IS attacks that have happened in Europe have been perpetrated by Europeans. “Shutting down the borders” betrays an outdated paradigm that assumes current threats are “out there”, when in fact they’re home grown.


While others comment on expanding communication and surveillance, Britain is currently waging war on encryption to further expand GCHQ’s and fellow intelligence agencies mass surveillance programme. This is despite the fact that evidence points to Burner phones rather than Cryptography techniques. No doubt this reactionary mentality to expand “security” will be ignited once again after these events in order to boost defence budgets.


These three archetypes are a modern cancer that plague these tragedies and have become a typical response from the 1st world. We must engage in politics at all times and not just when we feel guilty or feel it is opportune.