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Post Truth: The Death of Rationality & The Rejection Of Dialectics.

The Post Truth Movement can be broken down into three rational outcomes:

1) People are selectively bias in which content they believe is ‘True’ meaning their is an ideological divide (or most likely divisions), that will eventually lead to a material conclusion. Historical analysis would suggest that this would most likely take form in conflict.

2) Everyone excepts the epistemological limits and arrives to the conclusion that there never was a ‘Truth’ they could perceive. If this is the case, we would have a moral obligation to only choose the most ethical option when presented with Crisis and surrender blindly to utilitarianism, if the goal of human societies are to maximise liberty for all people. This will inevitably lead to an authoritarian ruling on what can be perceived as True, stripping us of our agency in accessing knowledge.

3) There is an agenda behind it that seeks supremacy from its actions. I.e autonomy is stripped and people are being willingly manipulated by forces who push the movement.

Post Modern Assholes & the new atheist dilemma

There is a dangerous breed of idiot brewing within the western world, the post modern one. They are the type of people who believe they are exempt from histories context and that they play no role into contributing to today’s social problems. Now, this is not to enforce further political correctness to an already PC  heavy environment, but rather to explain how & why this form of thinking is dangerous and so harmful. As with most xenophobia, this way of thinking marginalizes communities and dismisses ‘the others’ struggle. It spawns from the breed of new atheists, stemming from Dawkins and his bunch of fundamentalists.This ridiculous view point is that all religion is evil and that people’s faith causes damage. There is a whiff of pretentiousness and elitism in this concept people have adopted. I find this much more of a malicious ideology than the one that believes in an after life and/or grand designer.

In no way am I trying to defend irrational theism. But this idea that faith is the cause of so much pain has always seemed to me as a scape goat to the horrors of mankind, and an over simplistic view of theology as a whole. We as a species know very little of our origin. Of course evolution is the most logical theory we have, but there are still many paradoxes and contradictions to our study of knowledge & to what we can definitively say “we know”. Reason and faith are often the same side of the coin and both have their flaws. The irony of this is that new/Post atheism claims that religion is to blame for “bad things” is equally as violent and incoherent as devoted theists themselves. The issue has become that more dangerous to equality, with this thought process being adopted by your average head line readers & wannabe political pundits. The semi-alcoholic, Daily Mail reader is always the slightly more adorable racist, and although there is no excuse for hateful views, I always arrive at the assumption that these people are more conditioned and lack any real volume outside of their own irrational rants about “Mooslim ray gunz” & the “Liberal New world order”.

The more disturbing commentators are your pseudo educated agitators & the ones convinced that, thanks to the tools of the digital era and an age of information, that they “know”. With today’s generations ‘bogey man’ being Muslim extremists, we find so called rational minds attacking churches and people of faith, claiming that these believers are an absolute threat to their freedom. This is ultimately counter-intuitive to any form of real thinking. If you want to protect your rights, you’ve got to protect the rights of others. This is how social justice works. Of course, this point applies to both the believer & non believer, yet i see more headlines about Islamists than I do about the others. These new atheists go out of their way to critique other’s view on an either public or personal level under the guise of free speech yet, despite all their talk of “freedom” and how they are being limited by “PC social Justice warriors” these people are an equal threat to it.

These same people often lend themselves to a delusion of grandeur, that this faithless nature of theirs exile them from time itself. That racism & prejudice doesn’t apply to them as they are somehow beyond that. The reason white middle class faces don’t get their belief system attached to them when reported on is simply brushed of as “the white man has no faith”, allowing them to barrage religious groups, with the illusion of a clean conscious, while they simultaneously deny any criticism chucked at them. This delirium that thousands of years of oppression, or historical context merely vanish is a ridiculous concept and completely untrue. The real poison of this ideology can be found in where it is rooted. The whole structure of this belief is founded on 1st world privileges and then used as a tool of oppression. Despite the modern era young black males are still 9  times more likely to be stop and searched, minorities still persecuted through out Europe and inequality is at an all time high. No one is outside the conditions we are all planted in nor immune to the environment around them.