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New Media, New Lies

The YouTube community is at the forefront of contemporary Fascistic propaganda and has become a grand manipulator within the political play ground for a generation who have been decimated by the late stages of capitalism. Buried under fail compilations, pop culture trends and make up tutorials, is a propaganda machine that echoes western chauvinism, white supremacy and cultural and racial myths. Born out of the image board scenes and the so called new atheist movement, right wing pundits and reactionary forces have become a populist force within the platform.

Posing as “New media”, a self-aggrandising title for those not only tied to the old economic model, but mirror the libertarian mind set of the  1990’s too, many of these charlatans have been able to profit from misinformation, xenophobic views and outright racism, with very little consequence from the outside powers, while simultaneously portraying themselves as an alternative. The copy and paste motif of these right wing pundits follows a specific trend of  anti- feminist, anti-migrant & anti-Left commentary, normally under the umbrella of what they have titled “PC culture”, a ominous force concocted by the paranoid, that seeks to silent (white) men.

No doubt among militant circles, there is a real need for legitimate criticism ranging from optics to praxis within groups of marginalised people and progressive movements. Yet, one can not help but smell a familiar stench within the Youtube scene.  In the more potent circles of the right and recently regurgitated by Canadian, Psychologist and human dumpster fire, Jordan ‘lobster fucker’ Peterson in a Channel 4 interview (read straight from his book), the age old “CULTURAL MARXISM” myth reared its ugly head. Based off of a moral panic rooted in Nazi propaganda of 20th century with roots as far back to the 1860s,  the then named ‘Cultural Bolshevism’ was used by Nazi critics to shut down progressive media, art and literature. Today, instead of communist Jews infiltrating your glorious European nations, it is Radical feminists, Neo-Marxists and College safe spaces (or in other words “Pc culture”) that threaten our homelands. Despite very little evidence, this bogeyman is a threat to every spook western civilisation holds dear and anyone defending it is an enemy to your liberty ( or so they say).
This edgy commentary and often anti moralistic stance, has an obvious appeal to those alienated under liberalism and bust cycles of capitalism, one can sympathise with the struggle but can not condone the reactionary position taken, especially by those who seek to defend these snake oil salesmen, peddling soft core, racism to teens, for clicks.

Entrenched in the dogmatic defence of these commentators, is the neo-liberal individualistic belief that these are ‘independents’ and that this new media, is here to liberate us from our current shackles. An example of such blind faith is reflected within the American Fascists of the Alt right and the ‘Red pill’ meme, taken from 1999 film the Matrix. In this now infamous scene, protagonist Neo is offered a blue or red pill, upon choosing the red pill, Neo is able to awaken to the real world and abandon the old oppressive system of his life. This idea of Progress, rebirth and revelation is intrinsic to the western paradigm, the presumption that we are moving forward to our own awakening is embedded in our mutation of christian hopes, the idealism of progress works in favour of the political naivety of liberal Utopians & capitalists, who have bought into a revisionist idealism that they can save the world. However, There are no independents within the spectacle, and in reality the ‘Red pill’ is merely a plot device to allow the fiction to move forward, not a manifested destiny that awaits us and not real progress. It is therefore ideologically foolish to think individuals are devoid of the spectacle and even more so to think those in bed with tyrants of capital, have any interest in releasing us from it. The Californian ideology that Companies like Youtube and its parent Google, are based on, are the very definition of the status quo and very much part of the Capitalist realist project. This is reflected in the content produced as we see  Liberty, freedom and property rights as a consistent focus within this medium, despite these liberal phantoms rarely being applied universally within their own discourse. The liberal lie of meritocracy is potent within this content a childish beleif of a level playing field while unironically receiving a pay check from a corporate monopoly.

The tech giants of today that platform this culture of hate work hand in hand with exiting powers, from law enforcement to corporate structures. They have vested interest in bourgeoisie society and were built upon the neoliberal demon that plagues western society to this day. It is evidential that such agitators despite what they, or their cheerleaders may claim, are not as new or revolutionary as they say. Rather either due to their own historical revisionism or more likely lack of any real research or commitment to their stances, they are simply part of the same mechanism that has  kept Liberal society churning for the last 200 years.

The failings of Liberal press have an obvious role in creating this false god of new media. the inherent bias and inescapable lack of objectivity attached to much of western media produced, is well documented and culturally accepted among the masses. Despite the work of Ultra Nationalists & Anglo supremacists, the term ‘Fake news’ is not the modern phenomenon it’s narrated to be, but rather a systemic issue of our Media today. The struggle to find empiricism in media content is very much attached the to the current order, and should not be solely scapegoated to online trolls, tipping their fedoras for foreign states. The damage control within our currently perceived, political turmoil is to ignore the root of our crisis, that under the cultural domination of capitalism, journalists are castrated. It is therefore that our content must rely on bias or tainted speculation due to the very nature, that we are given no alternatives. There is only an apparition that presents itself, one that brands all alternatives Taboo or political naivety. Our media can only write spectacle because the very nature of Politics under capitalist Realism. The Realist Project is an insidious force that has appropriated everything. Journalists are not precogs & therefore cant see beyond the Phantasm Capitalism has produced. A System of symbolism to drive commodification is the very definition of fake, our news & media reflect that.

Those within the Youtube demographic are by far, the most socially conscious of main stream medias failings and have predominantly resisted traditional conservative narratives of church, state and god. Yet, despite the smug satisfaction of dispelling the myths of old, we have forgotten that such stories are a mere symptom of our cancer, that without escaping the shackles of the dominant bourgeois narrative, we are restrained in producing only imitations of what we already know.  History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce said Marx or in our case changing platform, is not the same as creating new content. The hope that alternative media will solve the problems of existing media, or in other words trying alternative forms of capitalism to solve existing capitalism, is utterly naive. Despite the radical personalities of Youtube’s content creators, these pundits & faux intellectuals  are the tamest among us, their middle class revolution a mere byproduct of the Liberalism they claim to reject. Their impotence and inability to free themselves, is the frustration vented in their media & their aspiration to challenge existing power is nothing but the libertarian pipe dream of their Californian predecessors.

Post Modern Assholes & the new atheist dilemma

There is a dangerous breed of idiot brewing within the western world, the post modern one. They are the type of people who believe they are exempt from histories context and that they play no role into contributing to today’s social problems. Now, this is not to enforce further political correctness to an already PC  heavy environment, but rather to explain how & why this form of thinking is dangerous and so harmful. As with most xenophobia, this way of thinking marginalizes communities and dismisses ‘the others’ struggle. It spawns from the breed of new atheists, stemming from Dawkins and his bunch of fundamentalists.This ridiculous view point is that all religion is evil and that people’s faith causes damage. There is a whiff of pretentiousness and elitism in this concept people have adopted. I find this much more of a malicious ideology than the one that believes in an after life and/or grand designer.

In no way am I trying to defend irrational theism. But this idea that faith is the cause of so much pain has always seemed to me as a scape goat to the horrors of mankind, and an over simplistic view of theology as a whole. We as a species know very little of our origin. Of course evolution is the most logical theory we have, but there are still many paradoxes and contradictions to our study of knowledge & to what we can definitively say “we know”. Reason and faith are often the same side of the coin and both have their flaws. The irony of this is that new/Post atheism claims that religion is to blame for “bad things” is equally as violent and incoherent as devoted theists themselves. The issue has become that more dangerous to equality, with this thought process being adopted by your average head line readers & wannabe political pundits. The semi-alcoholic, Daily Mail reader is always the slightly more adorable racist, and although there is no excuse for hateful views, I always arrive at the assumption that these people are more conditioned and lack any real volume outside of their own irrational rants about “Mooslim ray gunz” & the “Liberal New world order”.

The more disturbing commentators are your pseudo educated agitators & the ones convinced that, thanks to the tools of the digital era and an age of information, that they “know”. With today’s generations ‘bogey man’ being Muslim extremists, we find so called rational minds attacking churches and people of faith, claiming that these believers are an absolute threat to their freedom. This is ultimately counter-intuitive to any form of real thinking. If you want to protect your rights, you’ve got to protect the rights of others. This is how social justice works. Of course, this point applies to both the believer & non believer, yet i see more headlines about Islamists than I do about the others. These new atheists go out of their way to critique other’s view on an either public or personal level under the guise of free speech yet, despite all their talk of “freedom” and how they are being limited by “PC social Justice warriors” these people are an equal threat to it.

These same people often lend themselves to a delusion of grandeur, that this faithless nature of theirs exile them from time itself. That racism & prejudice doesn’t apply to them as they are somehow beyond that. The reason white middle class faces don’t get their belief system attached to them when reported on is simply brushed of as “the white man has no faith”, allowing them to barrage religious groups, with the illusion of a clean conscious, while they simultaneously deny any criticism chucked at them. This delirium that thousands of years of oppression, or historical context merely vanish is a ridiculous concept and completely untrue. The real poison of this ideology can be found in where it is rooted. The whole structure of this belief is founded on 1st world privileges and then used as a tool of oppression. Despite the modern era young black males are still 9  times more likely to be stop and searched, minorities still persecuted through out Europe and inequality is at an all time high. No one is outside the conditions we are all planted in nor immune to the environment around them.