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Fuck this Establishment

I wasn’t going to write a post today. My faith in democracy yet again shattered as the conservative party continue their reign of archaic oppression, through continuously destroying education, and welfare while lining their pockets with big business’s money. For those outside the UK, or simply in the UK and thick as two shits,  the conservatives are a political party founded on the principal that business creates society. Think of it as a rampant & decadent monster that spews out inequality everywhere. Over the last few years its been the conservative party that has dragged the British public through some of the worst poverty since Victorian England. They are also a very corporate machine, with MPS tied to the HSBC bank scandals and the overall diabolical capitalist machine.

However, I’d thought I’d at least comment or make a short post here:

I want an act of war against Westminster and its house of traitors. I will be dedicated to exposing the crimes of this establishment & it’s lack of compassion for the British public. It is a sickening fact that you are voted in!

Death to this establishment and its monarchs and fuck the political pundits. Vox populi Britain!